Human beings are social animals. Therefore, communication is key to us. In our everlasting aspiration to be heard, we have gone from the mere hollering of time past to a multitude of digital communication medium to connect with each other, interact and share ideas. The coming of the second decade of the 21st century saw the advent of communication apps which has since revolutionized the way (and frequency of how) humans communicate.

Communication apps are applications or software programs that integrate Information and Communications Technology components based on service oriented architecture to support and improve users’ communication experience. The various communication apps on our smartphones enable continuous and immediate communication with family, friends as well as colleagues at work. These apps have come to provide rich service offers from text messaging to voice and video calling, photo as well as file sharing and they also include the benefit of encryption.

As a standard, modern communication apps integrate all of text, document, voice and video file sharing on a single platform. There are so many of these apps now so much that it can be very confusing to decide on what app to deploy either for personal social needs or for business service purposes.

Great communication apps should help you communicate faster and team up easier. It is therefore critical to know which tools will enable productivity or which will hamper it. If you are confused about the different apps available and cannot make up your mind on what to settle for, please read through our review below to help guide your decision making on what features to look out for in selecting the communication app the meets your requirements.

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