Top 3 Communication Apps Features for Business

1) Virtual Office Networking

Communication Apps can allow users to connect with work colleagues and business partners within an organization or across businesses irrespective of location. This messaging apps lets you launch conversations in Instant Messaging mode. It can also support voice and video calls. Users can see if other users are available, busy, in a meeting or currently involved in a presentation. You can also save and find contacts from the global contact list or you can drag your cursor over a contact to view more details about the contact. You can create group chat or add other users to an existing chat.

With communication apps designed for virtual office networking, you can share your screen and even give control to other users during a chat or meeting. You can also switch seamlessly between IM conversation, voice and video call without breaking the conversation. Many of these apps work perfectly with all Office programs thus allowing you to share work files and links with fellow users. With virtual office communication apps, you are constantly in touch with your business counterparts and your productivity is unhindered wherever you are.

2) Call & Video Conferencing

Call and video conferencing apps are excellent for hosting and recording conference calls, broadcasting real time videos of all participants at meetings, sharing your screen with multiple users and holding by-the-side discussions during meetings.

The best call and video conferencing applications will be the ones with amazing clear call quality. With these, users are assured of productive meetings as the audio and video quality is not limited by the level of internet connectivity. These apps should also allow you to filter background noise such that you can link up to a conference or meeting from an outdoor location and still be able to give a presentation with crystal clear audio and video quality. Obviously, the most stable and highest quality video connection in the market is what you should be after.

3) Multiple Interface Communication

A typical multiple interface app is a repository of a wide-ranging set of communication and collaboration tools. It allows users to send and receive emails via a central mailbox while using any of their private email addresses or their company email address. Users can also store and share files to a central drive or send Instant Messages and conduct video conferences.

With multiple interface communications apps, users do not need to download additional software as an array of tools are integrated directly into the interface. There is therefore no need for further training of staff as the user interface is well known to anyone who is familiar with Android. Multiple interface communication apps will also allow users to accept calls as well as IMs on-the-go and on their mobile devices. The key selling point is that it serves as a one-stop-shop for all your business communication needs with its centralized solution.

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